Dani Lindley, Director of Marketing, Comms, & Collaboration • BIP Group

Keeping Your Top Talent when Inflation's Heating Up!

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Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Dani Lindley, Director of Marketing, Comms & Collaboration at Bip Group. Dani is here to share her recommendations on how to keep your top talent when inflation's heating up! Uncover her approach to engaging employees with honest & transparent communication strategies to retain talent in a continuously changing economic environment.

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Dani advised us to read: Lockdown Parenting Fails, Nathan Joyce.

Episode summary
0:43 Introduction of Dani Lindley
1:22 What is Bip Group?
2:02 Defining the challenges to retaining talent
3:24 Strategy to resolve the difficulty of talent retention
7:23 Building Trust in your Comms & Engagement Ecosystem
11:03 Quantifying your strategy for impact
14:08 Key communication recommendations for professionals, in order to retain talent
17:22 Dani's Book Recommendation

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