Our vision of internal communications

Corporate communication is undergoing a major transformation: it has had to adapt to a work-from-home culture, along with the new needs of employees. Today's digital environments are forcing companies to rethink and innovate their messages, formats, and how they interact within their organisations.

Masters of Comms promotes a new vision of corporate communication that aligns with the workplace of today: more editorialized, more visual, more engaging. The focus is on the employees, listening to their specific expectations, offering new channels to express themselves, and participate in useful communication activities within the company.

Hybrid work, digital workplace, employer branding, employee engagement, social selling, employee advocacy... the new topics for communication are numerous. How can they be tackled and turned into real levers for company performance? How can we ensure that employees are also involved in the communication journey?

Masters of Comms invites experts to share their experiences and give you the keys to their success. In each episode, our guests will share issues they have faced, the obstacles they have had to overcome, and the means they have used to mobilise and obtain results.

You can find Masters of Comms at www.mastersofcomms.com, and on all major podcast platforms.

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