How to manage the blending of internal & external comms

How to Manage the Blending of Internal & External Comms

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Are you struggling to navigate the blurring lines between internal and external comms?
Master of Comms is pleased to welcome Amit Govind, Head of Internal Communication and Social Media at Tata Consultancy Services. In this episode we talk about the role of social media, mobile and storytelling in internal comms and unpack what goes into the practical process of making it a reality.
Join us as we uncover the secrets to successful blended communication!

Amit advises us to read The Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down.

00:30 Introduction of Amit Govind
01:27 Understanding Tata Consultancy Services
04:16 Blurring Lines Between Internal & External Comms
05:53 The Role of Social Media in Internal Comms
06:14 The Importance of Employee Engagement in Internal Comms
07:49 The Impact of Mobile & Social Media in Communication
10:05 The Power of Storytelling in Internal Comms
10:23 Successful Vaccination Campaign – A Case Study
13:04 The Role of Different Departments in Communication
15:43 Challenges and Solutions in Blended Communication
21:13 The Importance of Measurement in Blended Communication
24: 21 Top 3 Recommendations for Successful Blended Communication
27:45 Conclusion & Final Thoughts

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