Alastair Atkinson, Director of Consultancy at ScarlettAbbott

EVP: Building Stronger Employer Brands with Effective Communication

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Join us on 'Masters of Comms' as we unravel the intricacies of Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) with Alastair Atkinson from ScarlettAbbott, a leading expert on the subject. Discover how a well-crafted EVP not only prevents costly employee turnovers but also becomes a magnet for attracting ideal talent, blending tangible benefits with the unique cultural ethos of your company. Alastair demystifies the difference between EVP and employer brand, emphasizing the need for authenticity in your EVP to resonate with both current and prospective employees. Tune in for an episode that transforms your perspective on EVPs, making them a cornerstone of your employer branding strategy.

Alastair advised us to read "The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" by Stuart Turton.

00:00 Introduction to Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
00:37 Welcome to Masters of Comms Podcast
00:54 Guest Introduction: Alastair Atkinson
01:20 Alastair's Journey in Communication and Engagement
02:33 Overview of ScarlettAbbott
04:14 Understanding the Concept of EVP
05:08 The Importance of a Strong EVP
07:49 EVP and Employer Branding
10:35 The Importance of Articulating EVP Clearly
12:33 Examples of Companies with Effective EVP
15:14 Strategies for Conveying EVP
19:54 Resources and Tools for Developing and Communicating EVP
23:38 Keeping EVP Relevant and Resonating
26:20 Final Advice and Best Practices for Strengthening EVP
28:23 Alastair's Book Recommendation

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